My First Learning Journey

Our class went on a learning journey last Thursday. It was a trip that I have been looking forward to. We went to a supermarket in a huge bus. The supermarket was located in Toa Payoh.

When we reached the supermarket we saw a variety of fruits, vegetables, fish and groceries displayed neatly on the shelves. The supermarket was not crowded because it was a weekday.  

Our form teacher, Mrs Leow give us a shopping list. My group was in charge of buying disposable plates and paper napkins.  Other groups bought cheese, ham, bread and many other things.We carried our basket and paid for the items at the cashier.

When we reached my school, we had a class party. It was an eventful and unforgettable day.


I won!


I made this card for Chinese New Year card making competition. I made it with red and gold papers. I cut the red papers into small rectangles and rolled them into fire crackers. I decorated the sides of each fire cracker with gold papers. Its difficult and I spent the whole afternoon making it. I learn to draw the mouse from my art class at the RC.  I won a prize. It was a $2 bookshop voucher. The voucher can only be used in my school. I bought a friction pen today. 


I love school. I have many freinds. My CCA is Weiqi. Weiqi is something like Reversi or Othello. It is not a difficult game to play but you have to think very hard.


Monday : 

This was the first day I went to the school canteen to buy my own food. I bought pao and a bowl of noodles.


I bought pao. After I eat the pao, I went to the school fountain. I saw a frog.

First day at Primary School

Today is my first day in primary school. My class is 1K. I have a kind teacher. She is Mrs Leow.

I had lunch early. After that I went down to wait for my school bus but it did not come. Fortunately, my father was on leave so he walked me to school. When I reached school, I went to the hall. My friends and I took the pledge and sang the school song. Then we went to our class.

I sat near the door and under the fan so it was not hot. Some naughty children laughed at me because I have no hair but I ignored them. I made some new friends too.

I felt happy. I look forward to go to school tomorrow.

Merry Christmas & Happy 2008

Hello everybody,

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year !

Nativity Craft

Mommy made this nativity craft with Xiang and me. The three kings, shepreds, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and sheeps were made from stones. We painted them. We gave this to my pedaitrician, Doctor Yong, as a Christmas gift.

About terminal 3

I came back from school and I saw my grandfather downstairs. Do you know why my  grandfather was at my home? He wanted to take me to the new Terminal three.

We joined a tour.  Terminal 3 was huge. After that, we took the skytrain to T1. We had lunch then we went to my grandfather’s home.

Terminal 3 was impressive.

Dwight’s birthday


It was Dwight’s birthday. We went to MFC together. At the party, there was a puppet show. It was funny. We laughed until our sides ached.

Going to United Square


It was raining cats and dogs this evening. We hailed a cab to United Square. We ate dinner at Mc Donalds. After we finished our burgers, we queued up to watch the Dora show. It was a long queue but we enjoyed the performance.

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